Process Overview

The first step is a simple one, deciding what type of consumer you are.  If you want to know the story of your food, want to know you're advancing the bloodlines of animals nearly lost to history, you want a freezer full of pasture fed heirloom beef and a beautiful rug for your home.  You're in the right place.   

After deciding what's important, you'll need to reach out to our team.  You'll get a questionnaire asking about the space you want to fill and how you want your beef done.  Pricing will be outlined as an estimate, that will react to changing market conditions and finalized at each of the critical steps.  Almost anything is possible, but keep in mind that for the foreseeable future, we are no longer taking orders for bison.  



Decide on a breed

Working in collaboration of our team, you will decide on a breed of cattle which best suits your needs.  In some cases a second, or even third choice is important depending on seasonal availability.  We want to make sure you have the  ideal, but preserving heritage breeds will take priority.  Pricing will be confirmed based on availability, current market conditions and distance from the ideal pasture.


Your animal will be re-homed in an underutilized pasture that allows it to live out the rest of it's life comfortably.  Our family farmers will take the bovine in and treat it as one of their own.  Our partner farms are spread throughout Southern Ontario, currently in Lambton, Bruce, Simcoe, Wellington and Kent Counties, with limited Eastern Ontario availability in Lennox & Addington. 



The simple life

Your new animal will live out the rest of his life in an environment suited to his particular needs.  Foraging on the pasture, lying in the shade, joyfully distracted by the business of being a bovine.   If you'd like to arrange a visit, or have photographs of your animal sent, that is something that is easily arranged.

End of Life Planning

Prior to your bovine reaching the desired size, comfortable transportation will be scheduled to one of our hand-selected abattoirs.  You will need to decide how you want your rug finished, and if you want a natural or modern tanning process.  Our consultant will work directly with you, and select a tanner that best suits your design aesthetic and world view. 

In consultation with our team and the butcher, you will select how you want your meat prepared.  We can dry age, further process, blend and grind, or deliver the primal cuts.  It is truly your choice.  Pricing for the meat will be on a per pound basis and depend on how you want.  A butcher will be selected based on your preferences.   





When the meat has reached your exact specification, it will be shipped (or available for pick-up), either wrapped in paper or vacuum packed, and frozen or fresh.  Your call.  When the rug is all trimmed and the artisanal tannery has completed their part, the heirloom rug will be ready for shipment (or available for pick-up).